Archive It


Why am I so impulsive? Why do I react to stupid things so bloody dramatically?

The non-healthy way of dealing with saying or doing something stupid is clearly just to pretend like it never happened and with the beautiful creation of social media, us impulsive females have constant access to have the ability of posting something or sending a message that we probably really shouldn’t … however with that also comes the ability to archive a chat and move the fuck on.

Send a passive aggressive message to an ex late at night? Archive it … pretend like it never happened.

Been dating a guy for a few months who then suddenly ghosts on you? Archive that shit, you don’t need a constant reminder of that negative situation in your life.

Ok so maybe I’m a little bit guilty of taking this approach to life one too many times, however, it certainly helps me to move on from the mistakes I’ve made. Although I kind of wish my phone didn’t make it so easy for me to say things to people I probably really bloody shouldn’t.

So I’ve decided to highlight some questions below for me to ask myself before acting quite so impulsively in the future to things that annoy me, hopefully that way there will be less men for me to archive off of my phone in the future ….

• Will I still be bothered by this in a weeks’ time? If the answer to this is no, then for goodness sake don’t say something to someone that you don’t need to.

• Once I’ve pressed send will I be filled with an overwhelming sense of fearing waiting to see if I get a response?

• Will saying/sending whatever it is I’m thinking of, really make me feel any better?

• Does it REALLY need to be said? Is silence and no reaction the key here?

• Remember … you can’t move to a new country quite yet, so I to try and not ruin my life.

If any of these questions resonate with you as well, then congratulations because you’re probably as impulsive and psycho as I am, but its ok, just own it.

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