My List Especially For You
I was supposed to tell you a list of things you’re good at, or things that I like you doing. But I’m a bit of a coward, I can’t tell you. So instead I’ve written this, it isn’t really a list as such, it’s more a long description of why I’m in love with you and I suppose some of these things are also the reasons for me falling in love with you, so here it goes …..

I love how I can tell what mood you’re in by the way you kiss me but not only that, the way you kiss me makes me feel like the most loved person in the world, if I could kiss you all day I would. And trust me I mean that, I find it hard to look at you and not kiss you. The way you hug me so closely when we’re in bed makes me feel like you never want to let me go, I feel safe with your arms around me. You give me butterfly’s when you look at me for too long and I find it amazing that you still give me that crazy nervous feeling, we have been together long enough now for those butterfly’s to have gone away, after all, neither of us are 16 getting flummoxed by our first loves. But that chemistry I can feel between us when we look at each other is such an amazing feeling and I hope it never goes away.
The fact that you know to go straight for my neck when you want to turn me on shows how important it was for you to find out what I like quickly.
I love when you tell me I’m beautiful, because you’re the only person I’ve ever believed who has said that to me.
I love the cheeky look you give me when you want me to know how badly you want to rip my clothes off. I’m sure you don’t know the one I’m talking about, but the way you slightly raise one of your eyebrows and give me a one sided smile .. That’s the look.
Waking up with you though, that may have to be one of my favourite things.

You always reassure me and make sure I’m not doing things to only please other people, which means a lot to me.
I have a real problem staying mad at you, as soon as I look at you I smile. It’s very annoying actually, I can try my absolute hardest to be serious with you but I can’t be. You just make me smile too much.
When I don’t want to do something it’s very easy for you to change my mind and you know it, the way you look at me when you ask me to do something just for you, I’ll fall for it every time and quite happily as well.

I always find myself falling for all the little cheeky things you do, I haven’t yet decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
All those worries you have that I’ll suddenly change my mind about you, Im hoping that when I eventually let you read this it will help to convince you that I won’t be going anywhere.
And I am sorry that I can’t be as open as you want me to be, I’m trying to fix that for you I promise but I get scared you’ll go away. That I’ll pour my heart out to you and then you’ll disappear.
I just don’t want you to break my heart.

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