Sexting 101


Sexting is a funny thing, some of us are great at it and some of us cringe just thinking about doing it, the best part is, you can sext your fella while you’re going about your daily tasks as if it we’re nothing, but for the guy reading it … well his mood will have suddenly changed completely.

Thats the difference between us girls and the guys. They will get right into this kind of thing and really, lets be honest the only reason we normally sext them is because we love their reaction.

Maybe it’s just me … but whenever I’ve sexted a guy I love knowing how crazy it’s driving them more than anything else. I love feeling in control of quickly changing their mood while I could be shopping for socks or hoovering my bedroom.

A lot of my friends get really funny about this kind of thing and to be fair I do understand why, for me a guy will only get the privilege of receiving sexts off of me once we’re officially together … and girls just and FYI when I say ‘sexts’ I do not mean naked pictures, if you want to send those as a bonus then thats down to you.

So if you find yourself wanting to send your guy something a bit naughty but are stuck for where to start, try one of my ideas from the list below and see how you get on!

  1. I’m so wet for you right now, I must really be craving your dick.
  2. I can’t stop thinking about having you deep inside me.
  3. I cant wait to rip your clothes off when I see you.
  4. I’m going to put your dick in my mouth as soon as I see you later.
  5. I’ll wait for you in bed, naked and ready to fuck.
  6. I want to feel you cum for me repeatedly tonight.
  7. I wish I could be making you cum in my mouth right now.
  8. I’m craving your tongue on my clit, its making me so wet thinking about you going down on me.
  9. I want you to fuck me so hard my you make my legs shake.
  10. Just so you know, I wont be wearing underwear later on our date.. so you have unlimited access to touch me whenever you want.