Sometimes it sucks


Sometimes, two people just click. Sometimes, the conversation flows easily. Sometimes, it sucks when it all hits a dead end way before it starts.

But maybe clicking with someone like that isn’t enough anymore, maybe it has to be more than a click to even be worth taking a risk on, especially when you’re not sure what you’ve got to lose.

When you walk away from someone you click with without any resolve, there’s so many questions left unanswered. There’s never any closure given. There’s never a surefire way to tell whether you just walked away from the love of your life without realising it or whether you didn’t lose anything special at all.

It sucks when someone stays a stranger when you’re curious about having something more.

I know it’s the worst when you meet someone, you feel a spark with them and you never get a chance to see if it could turn into something else, when a relationship is never even given the chance to get off the ground it’s kind of tragic. Personally, I hate when I hit it off with someone and nothing comes of it, it just turns into a moment preserved in time, but not one that you’ll even bother to remember forever.

It’s something that sucks right now, but hasn’t had a big enough impact to suck long term.

Maybe in a way I’d rather have something that can cause a long term effect, maybe then it would feel more worthwhile, rather than a wasted connection that you haven’t even given into long enough to see what it could become.

I really believe that throughout your life, you’ll meet and date people who simply won’t understand your sick twisted humour or laugh at the weird jokes you make, but you should wait for the person who can laugh along with you when no one else seems to get it, because this is the person you’ll click with, the one you’ll find things easy with and above all, the one who you won’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing to because they’ll just get it.

Throughout your relationships, it’s important to be patient. Be patient and wait for the person who is just as weird as you are, be patient for that click and make sure to give it a chance to get off the ground, after all …. you want to make sure it has the opportunity to suck long term.


That Goddamn Spark!

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The spark, it’s addictive as f**k!

How to describe the spark: there are about 30 people in a room and then the person who you have a ‘spark’ with walks in …. suddenly everyone disappears, you can both feel the ‘spark’ but neither of you will admit it, you’ll both be having a normal conversation but at the same time be fumbling around your own words aware of this weird feel between you both, even if you’re in a group of people talking about the most mundane thing in the world!

Maybe you feel like if the two of you touch you’ll burst into flames, because the ‘spark’ can very easily ignite into a flame and once you’ve been burned there will be no going back! That bloody spark is the most addictive thing in the world and when you find that you have it with someone, you’ll never want to let it go.

I never thought i’d feel a spark with anyone else, after the last one I felt basically burnt me into the ground! But yet I can guarantee now that if I was in the same room as my ‘old flame’ that stupid spark would still be there with him too, not out of choice either because I couldn’t hate anyone more than I hate him, but it seems you can’t get rid of chemistry (sadly)

I think I would rather have a slow burn with someone that a spark, a spark that creates magnetic energy that neither of you can really hide from, it makes your skin feel alive when they accidentally touch you, you can quite literally feel the goosebumps appearing and the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end …. and if no ones touch has ever done that to you before then I feel sorry for you because its the most intoxicating feeling imaginable.

Chemistry is a strange thing, because even when you don’t want it .. it’s there raising it’s ugly head in the name of sheer undeniable longing to have someone’s skin on yours and I don’t just mean in a sexual way, I mean in any way possible even just having their hand touch your arm.

It’s crazy, or should I say it makes you crazy, when your body is not playing ball with your mind you want to be able to play things cool and remain level headed but when that spark happens … there is no chance of playing things cool. Looking at someone and knowing they want what you do but neither of you will admit it, well it’s tricky knowing that inevitably the spark is going to cause some lasting damage that you’ll be able to feel for a very long time.

So to summarise … the goddamn spark is addictive as f**k but you can’t really do anything about it, because chemistry is something that no one is in control of!