It will be worth the risk


I think you can feel it you know, when it’s right with someone … you can just feel it in your bones.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try and run from it, you always find your mind wandering to them, even when you wish it would wander in the complete opposite direction. Maybe you don’t want to feel it, maybe you’re trying to avoid it because you’re scared. But deep down, you know you’re right for them and they’re right for you too.

That’s the thing with love though, just when you least expect it, it will come up and bite you. Sometimes (and this is the worst) love will bite you twice. You think you’re already in love with one person and then it comes up and reappears in almost a surprise attack kind of like it’s saying ‘ha, you though that was love before, well that was just a preview, this is the one you’ll really fall for’ and that’s when it’s the worst.

When you fall out of love slightly just to fall back in love again but differently and with someone else, that’s when it’s the worst, because despite what we’re taught about how love shouldn’t hurt, sadly it always ends up hurting someone, especially when more than two people are involved.

But when you can feel it in your bones, then it will be worth the risk. Love isn’t designed to be a straight road, its supposed to be an unforgettable journey and I’m not being funny … but a simple straight road is only there to be forgotten. The ones you remember most are the ones that have been the most dangerous, the ones with all the corners that each reveal another surprise, the ones that offer the most spectacular views after climbing epic hills. That’s the journey you want to take. Even if it seems scary when you start.

That dangerous road is going to be the best route you ever take and trust me when I say it’s worth the risk. You just need to believe you can conquer it (and there’s no way you’ll fail). If you’re heart is set on something enough then bloody well go after it!

You know that palpable tension you can feel with someone when you both look at each other? You know one of you should look away but neither of you really want to. You can literally both feel how much sexual tension is there but neither of you can do anything about it. Well it’s worth taking the risk even just to see what can be made from that tension you can both feel!

Before a big storm, you can almost feel pressure building in the atmosphere, waiting for something to be unleashed and for the sky to make way for the surge of built up energy. And that’s what it’s like when you meet someone you have the right sexual chemistry with.

You’ll be able to feel something between the two of you that no one can see, but every time you catch each other’s eye you’ll feel it, the pressure building between you creating the impression that something impressive is going to happen, just like an electric storm.

You’ve found yourself dreaming about them and you can’t figure out why, well maybe because you know you want to see what would happen if you walk down life’s road with them rather than the one you’re currently on, so much so that now even your subconscious is dropping you subtle hints.

We’re not bought into the world to live our life without taking risks that could possibly turn out to be the best decisions we ever make, so don’t live with a load of ‘what if’s’ live a life full of ‘I tried’s because trying will always be better than never knowing.


I’m Still Falling In Love With You





I’m still falling in love with you, and I haven’t yet hit the ground. I’m almost there, though.

I remember when I first started falling for you, it was the little things you would do and say. The small ways you would look at me and hold me. But I remember the first time I noticed something interesting with me and you, I’d subtly make eye contact with you, just for a moment, and your eyes wouldn’t flicker one bit. It was as if in that connected second defined something more than just physical attraction.

You got in my head. You had me. Your persistence didn’t go unnoticed trust me, but I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your persistence with me.

Even though it was unpredictable and somewhat ill-fitting, looking back to that early phase of us still excites me. It was during this time that I discovered a side of you that I truly adored. I just wanted to know everything about you and I still do. From your biggest fears to your relationship with your parents, I want to know everything and anything in-between. Give me the all dirty details, tell me all the thing you’ve never told anyone else. I’ll love you more, I promise.

Even though you can be moody and impulsive when you have your bad days, it could never outweigh how good it feels to simply be in your arms. I’ll melt away as you pull my body into yours and kiss the back of my neck. Your silly, yet adorable laugh is perfect.

Falling in love with you is making my heart feel like my heart could explode at any second and I remember the first time you made me feel like that. You smiled at me as I turned my head to face you and you were studying my expression, trying to take me in. I was feeling so vulnerable and what you said meant everything … ‘god you’re so beautiful’ you said, not taking your eyes off me, you looked back and fourth from my eyes to my lips and gently kissed me and in that moment I knew I never wanted to hear anyone else tell me I was beautiful apart from you.

You’ll never know the shockwave that hit my body at that moment, like a wakeup call reminding me that you were the real deal. Like this could be something great.

Even as I take this fall towards loving you, I’m fearful. I’m fearful because once I’m done falling, you could destroy me. You could throw my heart on the ground and stomp on it and I don’t want to experience that kind of heartache, not with you. I’m taking a risk with you, because you’re not the safe choice. you could decide to walk at any moment.

But you know what? It feels exhilarating, because now that I’m falling in love with you, I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is how it should feel to fall for someone. It’s worth the risk, if those moments of bliss don’t make you want to put everything into that person, you’ll find yourself catching your footing before you hit the ground.

Be my biggest risk and my greatest win.