The Not So Typical Fairy Tale


Not so long ago, in a not so honorable land lived a princess with a heart of ice. Everyone who met her would describe her as beautiful, but the princess had a. serious aversion to compliments. People would travel from near and far just to gaze into her piercing blue eyes and admire her long brown hair.

She was not the type of girl that took nonsense from anyone and would dismiss any of her subjects at a moments notice without any hesitation. People came from all across the land to try and melt her heart of ice. But she was far too stubborn and would not allow anyone to get close enough to try.

In the same dishonorable land lived a prince, who had subjects falling at his feet, this typical reaction may have been the result of his undeniable charm, his ability to sweet talk anyone who came across him, but he would never entertain their interest in him for very long, he became bored. None of them had the qualities he was looking for in his potential queen.

One day, a most dishonorable ball was held and the price and princess suddenly came to meet. The prince saw the princess and knew that if he used his famous charm on her he would have her falling at his feet like all the others in no time. But he did not know about the princesses famous heart of ice, something known about by everyone she chose to surround herself by.

Not having this knowledge did not help the prince and the princess dismissed him straight away, he did not understand why she was not like all the others, but what he did know was that he must have her attention, he knew from that moment he would persist until the princess gave him her heart.

Months went on, they did not see each other again for quite some time, the princess made sure their paths did not cross, she told all of those around her of how forward and expecting the prince had been. She was not going to let him attempt to melt her heart, he was not the one for her.

But yet as time went on, the charming prince kept on trying to break the princess down.
The next time they found themselves in each other’s company the princess was far more aware of how intrigued the prince was by her, so she chose to play this to her advantage. She planned to treat him like she did all the others, by keeping hold of him for a while and then dismissing him like everyone else who had been intrigued by her. On this particular night she decided to give him a … kiss.

Now the prince was confused, normally when any of the other women who fell for his charm gave him a …. kiss. He became bored, he no longer found them intriguing, he had now come to realise that the princess was different. He still had the inability to let her go, he could no longer stand how dismissive she was over him. He had to wear her down.
The princess did not like this when she found out his intentions, she did not want him to keep trying, she wanted him to let her go. She could not let someone who she met by sheer chance achieve such a momentous achievement. She could not stand the thought of the people around her seeing her any differently than the cold hearted princess she was happy being.


… Months later …..
The princess found herself confused.
The prince found himself confused.
Neither could understand how such a great impact had been caused on their lives by the other. They were surprised to find that they had fallen in love ….
The typical end to a not so typical fairy tale.
The pair had found that they needed each other all along, to turn them into better versions of themselves.
He had turned her into his queen and he was now her king. A meet that happened out of chance now meant that they had been able to escape their dishonourable kingdoms together.
The queen no longer had a heart that was made of ice, she had found that with the right tools, her king had managed to break her down. And the king realised that his queen was never someone who could have the ability to bore him, she was exciting and he found himself continuously entranced by her.
And so, from that point they have lived happily together, in a new kingdom. Built just for them, they didn’t need to be surrounded by people who adored them and fell at their feet. Because now they each other.