How To Tell He Isn’t The One For You



we have all had that moment, when we’re so wrapped up in a new romance that we fail to notice all the signs pointing to the fact that this won’t be forever, sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate our relationship. You try and ignore all the flaws that your friends are pointing out because you’re trying so hard to pretend everything is perfect.

So what if he’s not Mr Right? How can you tell?

1. You Don’t Trust Him – Jealousy is healthy, but there are limits, you  should not constantly be wanting to check his social media for any potential competition, or inviting yourself on his boys nights out maybe there’s an issue, if you see him talking to other girls you should never jump to conclusions without talking about things first, look to see if anything warrants this distrust and if there is then this could be a big sign that things are not going to work out.

2. Always Trust Your Gut Instinct – If there’s something that isn’t sitting quite right with you, normally that little voice inside your head. Don’t jump into action to listen to this gut feeling straight away, but don’t ignore it either. Normally that back ground thought is there for a reason.

3. He Doesn’t Like Your Friends – As girls we are normally much more ourselves around our best friends than anyone else and if he doesn’t like you when your’e around your friends then I think this speaks for itself? He should like that you are involving him in plans you have with your friends because it means you want him involved in aspects outside of your alone time.

4. He Has A Forever Changing Attitude Towards You – If he seems a bit bipolar with you this is not good, if he loves you he should always love you, not swing from talking to you like you could be a total randomer to as if you’re the best thing to ever happen to him, the latter point should be how he talks to you constantly. If he jumps down your throat at uncalled for points then these kind of mood swings will never change and they will never be much fun for you to experience.

5. You Dread When He Drinks Around you – And by this I mean any amount of alcohol, because after one drink he turns into a total a**** hole that you would never normally give your time to on a night out, if he’s aggressive or rude that really isn’t something nice to be around and if he gets like this then i’m sure you’d be embarrassed to take him out with your friends as well.

6. He Won’t Listen To Issues You Bring Up – If you want to talk to him about things you aren’t happy with in your relationship you should never be worried to do so, you shouldn’t worry that talking about issues will push him away. He should be happy to talk to you about your relationship worries if it would help the both of you in the long run, if he does’t then the likelihood is he doesn’t have much respect for you or your relationship, every healthy relationship has its ups and downs, its how you get through them that will either make or break you as a couple.

7.  His Bad Habits Really Annoy You – Everyone has small habits that others won’t necessarily like, but if your’e starting to hate him because he bites his nails, maybe you should think if there are some other underlying issues that are making you back away.

8. He Doesn’t Want to Share Things With You – And i don’t mean food, I mean life experiences, he should want you at every big moment with him and you should want the same, but if he’s putting off introducing you to his family and not inviting you out to meet his friends, you should ask yourself why that is. He should want to show you off at every given opportunity not leave you at the sidelines for just when he wants some chill time.

Everyone is different in relationships, but if you can create a list in your head of why you shouldn’t be with someone then maybe that shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes your friends can be the best people to go for advice because they can see things from an outsiders point of view, But the final evaluation of your relationship should always be down to you.

Boy & Girl Friendships

So here’s the thing, you’re very protective.

It’s flattering though, but he’s not going to appreciate it, having you being protective over his girlfriend because he’s protective as well.
I don’t want us to not be friends anymore, but we are going to have to set some new boundaries. Ones we haven’t had before, because since we have been close I haven’t had a boyfriend, you won’t be used to it. So it’s going to be up to me to set these boundaries in a way that is obvious enough for you to understand them.

When you were with your girlfriend you never really spoke about her and I saw you cheat on her … Twice actually. It shouldn’t have happened and we both know that.
But that’s not the type of mistake I’ll make, because I’m falling for him you see.
I know you’re going to make fun of the whole situation because you haven’t seen me fall for anyone yet … All you’ve seen is how I use people for what I want and then throw them away again.

You’ve created an opinion of me, which is sometimes not the best but yet for the last two years you’ve been head over heels for me (don’t try to pretend like that isn’t true)
I’ll never feel like that for you though, which is why I’m with him and not you.
But I need you in my life and I hope that doesn’t sound selfish. I hope you need me too, I want to think that we’re on this level now where we know each other too well to let each other go.

But we do need to re evaluate the way we talk, I don’t want my new boyfriend feeling uncomfortable about us, I want him to feel reassured and I don’t want him to have a reason to be worried.
So maybe stop the texts asking me for a cuddle late at night should be deemed as no longer being appropriate? I know it’s what you’re like and you’re messing around. But he doesn’t! And I don’t want to ruin things with him.