Make-up Is A Social Survival Tool


I’ve now lost count of the amount of times I have used my love/knowledge of make-up to create some sort of social relationship with another female.

You could barely know someone, but once you’re standing in a crowded female night club toilet and you pull out your MAC lipstick in a shade that the woman standing next to you would die for, you’ll suddenly create relationship for life, well ok maybe not for life but it definitely made that trip to the toilet more interesting right? Obviously after having the obligatory half an hour discussion of shades, textures, whats brushes to use “I mean do you even use a lipstick brush??!!” you’ll feel like you’ve just ticked off another box from the list of standard things to expect during a girls night out.

My MAC lipstick collection now has it’s own drawer in my room, (maybe eventually they will have their own room, a girl can dream!) and to guys they will all basically look the same because they’re all dark and red, but us girls know the importance of tones!

The Younger Year’s

I remember when I was younger and I first started trying to take the plunge into wearing red lip colors and I hated them, I thought Red drained out my face and made my teeth look yellow, although this may have partly been down to a 15 year old’s lack of confidence in her body image, I also had no idea about tones, I thought red was red and that was it! My advice … any teenager who is standing in her bedroom plastering on her mums 5 year old bright Red lipstick, go in to a make-up shop, stand in there for about an hour trying them on your hands and just be patient! You’ll l find a color that you love, either that or a make up artist will come over and find it for you.

Example One

The foundation of one of one of my best friendships was built from make-up. Met one of  my best friends at uni and amongst a mix of bitching, alcohol, mistakes and make-up an ever lasting friendship was created. Every getting ready to go out ‘day’ (yes that’s right we normally spent a whole day prepping ourselves for a night we probably wouldn’t remember) would involve walking into a department store and buying a new make-up product from one of the counters. My best friend got me into highlighting cheek bones (something which I definitely didn’t think I had) and also showed me that eye shadow isn’t just for drag queens, she taught me some valuable lessons and I can say that our friendship is still as strong as ever, minus the alcohol consumption four times a week.

Example Two

The relationship I now have with my boyfriends mum definitely started forming around the first Christmas present I bought for her (and of course the fact that I love her son to pieces) which consisted of a lipstick brush, a dark maroon lipstick from Revlon and a Classic Red shade nail varnish from O.P.I. She loved all of them and to this day I am still asked for opinions on make-up combinations and lipstick shades, which of course I couldn’t be happier about. Even relationships that start out a tad …. erm rocky! Can be fixed by this neutral female ground which is make-up!

So basically …..

All of us women have a tip or some advice that someone else doesn’t know, make-up provides generations worth of conversation topics! We have the potential to share a common ground with a total stranger just from a lipstick shade! We can build relationships just by suggesting a tip that we would consider part of a standard routine.

So go and give some advice to your daughter, or seek advice from you Nan, build a relationship with your monster in-law *cough* I mean mother in-law! Have an Avon session with your work colleagues. I can guarantee you’ll always find out something new and be able to offer something new. Girls …. go and build your make-up relationships!

Get Him Out Your Hair


Us girls change our hair for lots for different reasons …

If she changes her hair after you’ve broken up, it’s game over for you pal! She’s got a new look, which will soon be accompanied by a new man as well. Sorry.

For those girls going through their red hair phase … don’t work girl, you’ve got this. You’ll come out the other side feeling much more confident after figuring out who it is you’ve decided you don’t want to be. But we all do it, we all go through that phase of changing out hair in the hope that it will help us to find ourselves at the same time.

 I can hold my hands up to being one of those people who have learnt over and over again that the colour shown on those hair dye boxes is not necessarily the colour your hair will actually go!

DIY hair dying Do’s
Do make sure you wear gloves .. Once that dye gets on your skin it will be there for quite a while, this is another mistake I have learnt first hand from (excuse the pun)
Try to get a friend to help you out, that small patch at the back of your head will otherwise be left a different colour and that’s not a good look.
Do try that ombré look you’re scared to do, ombré is an easy DIY look to go for because the colour is away from your face and it won’t look as drastic, plus if it goes wrong it’s much easier to correct half your hair than all of it.
Do try going darker, but I would suggest you leave the bleaching to a professional, after all, you’re not going to like having orange hair.

DIY hair dying Don’ts
Don’t try going bleach blonde when your hair is black, I’ve had a friend ask me to do this for her and lets just say six boxes of bleach colour later and that bright orange glow is still going strong!
NEVER EVER try your to do your own highlights, I mean seriously NEVER. I mean unless you want to go for that chipmunk inspired look. All jokes aside though, you will never be able to get your own highlights fine enough to look professional, honestly you won’t.
And finally, those colour before things. They don’t work, so if you’re standing looking in the mirror at green hair right now, swallow your pride and get down to your hairdresser. Seriously … Right now, stop reading blogs about how you might be able to fix it and go right now!

So maybe the moral of this story is whether you’re changing your hair to get over an ex, or changing it to create a new you. Make sure you consult a professional …. oh and never do a Britney!