That look she gives you

You know the look I’m talking about, the one she’s mastered especially for you, she doesn’t even consciously do it but when she hears you say “don’t look at me like that” she realises that her eyes are giving away how her body feels and all it does when she hears you say that, is make her want you even more.

She’ll lock into a crazy level of eye contact with you and slightly bite her lip with a slight smirk. And you know exactly what she’s telling you without her even having to vocalise it.

There’s no one else in the world that she looks at like that. It’s all for you. So when you’re not together and you’re going about your general day to day activities, remember that look she gives you that tells you she’s craving your body and wants your hands on her.

When she’s looking at you as if she’s about to eat you, consider yourself lucky. Because she doesn’t want anyone else like she wants you.

You know that when she looks at you like that, it drives you crazy and it’s one of the reasons she does it, because she loves to make you want her so much that it drives you mad.

That look she gives you will make you do a double take, it will make you not want to walk away from her in a room and most of all it will be one of the things that pops up in your mind when you think about her years from now if you’re not lucky enough to have her in your life anymore (that must suck).

There’s no one else who she’d rather be sat in front of giving this crazy amount of eye contact to than you. Her closed book don’t touch me approach means she never really wants anyone like this, but yet here the two of you are.

And once you finally give in and give her what she wants, each kiss you plant on her lips and her neck gets her groaning under her breath because she’s finally got exactly what she wants. You.

So think yourself lucky, that she’s mastered this look just to drive you crazy. She’s mastered it so that you know exactly what she’s feeling without even having to speak to you, she’s given the two of you a new level of connection and she won’t give that to anyone else.

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