Dating games

Why do we do this at the start, the game playing, as if someone will make a wrong move and suddenly lose.

Two people will dance around their actual feelings and emotions because the winning prize in the game is not to get hurt, but what’s love without a bit of risk?

No one wants to love safely, falling in love is a risk I get it and maybe it won’t work, but what if it does? What if you’ve found your forever person and you’re too busy playing the game of being less emotionally vulnerable, to actually let yourself fall for them the way you should.

Why do we get so scared of telling someone what we really want and what we expect to get from spending time with them? Where’s the harm in sitting down with someone and saying “hey I like you, quite a bloody lot but you know what, I’m scared, scared that you’ll change your mind just as I fall in love” telling someone how you feel doesn’t mean you’re losing the game, it means you’ve taken control and made the power move.

The power move you’ve played means it could now only end two ways, no more tip toeing around the board, the person sat with you can now either let you win or make you lose (Let’s hope it’s the first option).

But god isn’t it easier? Easier knowing you’ve done and said all you can rather than playing emotional charades.

We’re all human beings and were built to protect ourselves, but in the world of modern dating were so busy protecting our own hearts that we won’t let ourselves be vulnerable enough to even give love a risky shot.

I can’t be the only person who wants to know how someone feels about me, you hate me? Great. You’re bored of me, cool. AT LEAST I KNOW AND IM NOT CONFUSED.

Sometimes when it comes to love, you just have to be cruel to be kind. We get scared that someone will be hurt that we don’t like them, or that we’ve gone off the idea of dating them, but I can tell you one thing for certain, it’s better to tell them than to drag them along for months until you eventually decide just to ghost them.

So my advice, love with some risk, it’s better to take a chance than to never have tried. Yeah it’s probably scary, you’re giving someone the ability to hurt you and that thought is slightly terrifying, but how do you know it won’t turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done?

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