Maybe you should give him a chance


Maybe his calm will make you more level headed.

Maybe the way he makes everything seem less dramatic will make you feel less like a storm in a tea cup.

Maybe you’re thinking that his good will counteract some of your messed up.

Maybe you don’t want this? But maybe you do?

Maybe you need to stop pushing something away that isn’t going to be bad for you, maybe you should take a chance on something that could bring you everything but all the questionable shit you’ve had before.

But you’re drawn to the questionable behaviour and all the highs and lows it brings with it, easy is boring. Sometimes anyway.

Maybe you find yourself sitting there questioning things he does and wondering if this is really what you want, but maybe you won’t find out until you try?

Maybe you should tell him what you’re thinking instead of coming to conclusions all by yourself. If he doesn’t know that something puts you off then how will he ever change? So maybe, just maybe, you should learn to communicate better.

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