The upper hand in ghosting

I’ll be honest, I’ve probably had the same amount of people ghost on me that I’ve ghosted on and I get the same advice every time “oooh you better take a step back before you really get in deep with this one” so our innate response these days is to run before we actually even start to properly like someone (what the fuck?)

What is it with modern dating and everyone wanting to run away before giving someone the chance to really see what they’re about?

Im sure a lot of us have been given the “distance yourself” advice, your friends will tell you to distance yourself to see how he will react, if he doesn’t initiate conversation after you act as if you don’t care then he clearly wasn’t interested in the first place …. can we just take a second to realise how crazy that sounds?

You’re going to act like you don’t want to talk to someone so they talk to you more? Let me know how that turns out …. or maybe because we’re adults we should just go after what we want and care less about what others think of us before they really even get to understand what we’re about.

To be honest, I think you might as well go all out for someone you don’t know, if they think you’re too much by suggesting dates or saying you want to see them then to be honest you’re no worse off … it’s not like you really care what they think anyway right?

But ghosting, this is something I’ve become more aware of the longer I spend in the exciting pool of being single.

So I think the upper hand in ghosting is to not do it. Try not being the emotionally stunted one in the situation and actually try talking to someone about how you feel, maybe you like them or maybe you can’t stand them. But either way it’s probably better that they know right?

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