22 Of The Sexiest Things Men Can say (according to women)

These may seem like such little things to you guys, but when we hear them …. they actually make us melt.

1. “Come here”

2. “Good girl” – with that certain look you guys tend to get in your eyes.

3. Anything he asks to do where my response can be “make me” – changes the tone of any conversation almost immediately

4. “I love the way you taste”

5. “I can tell you want me”

6. Using your actual name when they talk to you – there’s something so simple and so sexy about that!

7. “Look at me” – in any kind of sexual situation this one ask/tell is a mood.

8. “I’ve been thinking about you all day” – now tell us what you’ve been thinking about.

9. “I can’t control myself around you” – hearing this is such a power trip and god I’m here for that.

10. “Open your mouth” – not always in an inappropriate situation, but it sure changes the tone

11. “You’re mine, don’t forget that” – absolutely I won’t.

12. “Nobody understands your body like I do” – good. That’s exactly how it should be.

13. “I just want to feel you” – we both know what that means and I’m so here for it.

14. “Have you been good or bad” – either way, what happened after this was always fun

15. “Is there something wrong” – after knowing full well you’ve just turned us on in public.

16. “Don’t tempt me” – why not?

17. “Shhhh” – with the hand over your mouth when you guys are doing things you shouldn’t and gotta keep it quiet.

18. “I need to see you” – it’s the word “need” that makes this so sexy

19. “Thinking about you is keeping me awake” – nothing I love more than knowing he’s in bed and turned on thinking about me, always makes us females want you like crazy

20. “Don’t cum” – That one ask always makes it it 10x harder!

21. “You’re asking for trouble” – sounds like fun.

22. “I want you to know how beautiful you are”

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