Heart Break Is Character Building

Maybe I wouldn’t be the psychopath I am now if I hadn’t had my heart broken in the way I had?

But maybe it’s taught me valuable lessons, like not everyone has the best of intentions. Not everyone will always have your best interest at heart, even when they look you straight in the eye and tell you they love you, even when they do that …. it turns out they also have the ability to lie straight to your face.

If I hadn’t had my heart broken maybe I’d be more careless with my feelings, maybe I’d scare people off with how freely I love them?

I’m glad I lost some of my naivety when it comes to love, I’m glad I’ve learnt not to blindly believe everything people say. Because if I hadn’t learnt those, maybe people would think I’m a sucker when it comes to love.

I’m glad my heart was broken because it’s also broken my rose tinted glasses, the ones that I used to look at love and romance through. Without those rose tinted glasses I can see all the imperfections that make up real relationships.

I can happily look at flawed relationships and realise they’re ok, you don’t have to be physically obsessed with someone to have a good relationship with them. In fact, the less obsessed with someone you are the clearer you can see everything going on around you. A clear head means clear evaluations! And they are very important when it comes to deciding what to give your energy to.

The heartbreak I’ve gone through has ultimately made me who I am and I no longer hide my flaws from anyone. I’ll openly tell people what to expect when they date me, I won’t try and hide behind an altered version of myself that I know will make me come across better … I don’t need to try and sell myself to someone.

If you don’t like me, someone else will.

So I guess I owe a thank you to the ones who have broken my heart, the ones who have left me with body issues and zero confidence, because ultimately it’s made me push myself to become better.

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