Brunch Is Where I Take My Nan ….


This is not a date, being here does not make me want to rip your clothes off. In fact, it makes me feel like I should be here with an old relative ..

Sat in a beautiful part of hot and sunny south London, a day time date sounded like a cute idea. But not this. Brunch on a Thursday afternoon, erm … this would be romantic, if I was 60 years of age I’m sure.

I’m only 24! I want to do things with someone that lets us create memories, take me to a gallery or an exhibition, something that gets us talking to each other and discussing new ideas on a Thursday afternoon! Staring at a plate of avocado isn’t exactly inspiring me.

If this is your idea of romance I think you need some new ones, I don’t expect a five course meal and to be wined and dined, but finding a cosy bar in London that oozes romance with velvet sofas and extravagant cocktails will most definitely change the mood. Sit us on a table in the corner of the room, let us stare out at everyone else and make up stories about their lives. Lets get carried away together and we can let hours run away while we enjoy being together.

You’re clock watching, I was literally something you felt you could squeeze in for ten minutes before work … thanks for the effort. Here’s an idea, ask to spend a whole day with me, a whole day that has the potential to run into a whole night. I want to stay up and talk to you for hours, I want to know everything about you.

What I don’t want, is to tell you all my secrets while the two women sat next to us are talking about how their child was sick this morning.

I’m all for breakfast dates, but breakfast dates should follow on from the night before .. that would be something I could get behind, or maybe I should say under? (cheeky)

So please, don’t take me somewhere I would take my nan. Not again, I don’t want to think of you as a two hour Thursday morning catch up date kind of person, I want to think of you as the one I spend time exploring the city with, having deep conversations with and above all creating memories that will last forever.

Otherwise I guess romance really is dead …..

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