Maybe He’ll Be The One?

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Maybe someone new was exactly what I needed?

Maybe he’s going to be the something I was looking for, not the normal guy I’m used to that falls at my feet and chases me until I give in … I didn’t want that kind of affection anymore anyway.

He keeps me on my toes that’s for sure, but I like him and I’ll keep going after what I want until I get it, perseverance or stupidity I wonder?

But he’s different and not like the ones I normally go for, he’s not as sure about himself, although he should be. His good looks seem a bit lost on him. He should be more confident in how he carries himself, but he isn’t and I find that different.

I can mock him for being nervous around me, but I love that I make him nervous ….. I like feeling as though I have more control. He seems curious about how I carry myself in a room with him by my side and I’m happy to let it stay that way, I won’t let this one into what I’m really thinking because I like his curiosity.

Maybe he’s exactly what I needed to remind me that I can feel something for someone different and not be scared by it, its nice not being scared about having my feelings hurt, knowing exactly where I stand. He doesn’t make me feel like I should protect how I feel and pretend like I actually feel nothing at all. He doesn’t make me feel like I need to change to be what he wants and I guess I like that about him.

Maybe he’s the one?

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