I’ll Always Be The Best You Had

You can try to lie, if you want to? Next time you see me you can try and lie straight to my face, it always was what you were best at after all?

You always were a liar, shame it took me so long to realise. But you’ll never be with anyone better than me, I don’t want you though …. our personalities together were pretty fucked!

But the way our bodies spoke to each other was always on another level, I know I’ll always be physically obsessed with you, it doesn’t matter how long I don’t see you for.

But I’m happy to admit it, because I know I’ll always be the best you ever have. You know that too, I’d love you to try and find someone that drives you as physically crazy as I could, try and find someone that shivers when you touch them like I did …. you’ll never be able to.

And when you read this … I hope you think about us together, I hope all the crazy things we used to do gets stuck in your head and plays visual memories over and over again, I want you to think of me over and over again …. I know you used to like thinking of me, maybe you still do.

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