He Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

When you find someone knows you better than you know yourself sometimes it’s scary.

I love him because he will randomly and for no reason at all send things that just ‘remind him of me’ and when I realise how accurate it is, I think maybe I find myself surprised at how touched I am, by the fact that he has sent me something that I know relates to a side of me that I try to keep hidden from everyone. Maybe I thought that no one could see it … not even the guy who I’ve been dating now for over a year would related something so personal to me, so maybe he doesn’t know the real me at all? Maybe he hasn’t put the time into learning about the real me at all.

But then the guy who knows me so well, maybe he’s trying to make me understand that he truly see’s me for me and he doesn’t think it’s a bad thing, he doesn’t run away because I’m evasive and scared of my own feelings, he just sticks around and helps me through the moments when I’ve let my emotions get the best of me, when I’ve turned into an over reacting mess.

Maybe he’s the first one to see the real me and not get scared .. so maybe I’m scared?

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