Change Is Good

I’ve always been curious about how our brain has the ability to change the way it sees people. One minute you can love someone and the next you’re disgusted by them.

Or … What makes us suddenly see a friend as something more?

let’s not be naive, being hurt changes everyone, it makes us think differently and want different things in life, or different people ….

I’m lucky enough to have grown as a person from every difficult situation I’ve found myself in and although over time our feelings change, I think we also have to change as a person to accommodate them and feel like we’ve come out the other side of a crappy situation.

I would never want anyone to be the reason for their own self defeat, but I really believe that if we don’t mature emotionally then we will never grow as people. The sooner we realise that we should take responsibility for our own emotional wellbeing the better. We can’t look for our happiness in someone else and I know that’s where I’ve gone wrong previously.

I have never been as happy with myself as I am right now, taking time out to focus on myself and my career has been the best decision I have ever made, even if it was pushed on me by someone else.

We need to remember that not everyone changes for the better, but we can’t take responsibility for someone else’s coping methods. Change is inevitable, but making the right kind of change is down to the individual.

Make sure you change for the right reasons and in to someone that you are proud to be, using others to help distract yourself from your own downward spiral will never end well.

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