If You Come Back Make It An Epic Comeback


Don’t start conversations with ‘Hi, how are you?’ Tell me that you miss me, that you’re sorry, that you finally realized that you were an idiot for letting me go and that you want to try harder this time, that you want to make it right and that you’re ready to give me everything, I know you done it once. I want us to be how we were when I was your everything .. I want to be the original us!

Don’t tell me all the words I want to hear if you will not follow them with actions. Don’t tell me how much I mean to you if you won’t show me what I mean to you.

Don’t tell me I’m special and then treat me like the rest of your female friends. I want you to show everyone what I am to you, I don’t want anyone to doubt your feelings for me and I don’t want to question your intentions with me.

I want to know that this time you’ll hold on to me because you know what it’s like to lose me. I want to know that this time, you’d do anything to keep me.

Don’t come back if you plan on leaving again, only come back if you’re sure you want to stay — if you’re sure about me.

Because if I’m giving you a second chance, it means I still want you, it means I still haven’t met anyone who makes me feel the way you made me feel and I haven’t met anyone who made me smile the way you did.

But you have to come back in full force, you can’t come back in pieces, you can’t come back when it’s convenient for you. You have to make me feel safe with you again, you have to reassure me that this time is different, that this time, you actually care, that this time you’re willing to fight for me when things get tough.

Don’t come back if you just want reassurance that I still care, because I do, don’t try to use my heart or take advantage of the soft spot I will always have for you. Because this soft spot has had the ability to turn cold and hard before, you should remember what I was like when you first met me. My heart is learning how to live without you this time around and it can do it again.

So don’t come back if you’re in it for yourself, only come back for me, only come back when you’ve met a thousand different women but you still missed me, you still thought of me at night and you finally realised that you’d rather live with me and all my flaws than without me.

Only come back when you’re ready for forever not just for a little while!