How To Define Prince Charming

Prince Charming definition – a suitor who fulfils the dreams of his beloved. The night in shining armour. He is who comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress. He must liberate her from an un sacred place.

Just a few combined descriptions I have found to explain Prince Charming.
But I can define him better.
He doesn’t need to rescue me, I’m not in distress. It is not his job to liberate me, but being with him is liberating enough.
There are no evil spells that I need to be saved from, nothing has made me weak, apart from him.
Apart from those gorgeous eyes that give me butterfly’s when he looks at me and his hair, it’s perfect, running my hands through it could be my favourite hobby.
He sees beauty in all my flaws and appreciates me entirely, he loves me even when i’m wrong and being stubborn.
The way he can make me feel protected and safe but can also turn my body into a weak quivering mess just by the slightest touch is more magical than any fairy tale.
He makes me feel beautiful, a power that no one has ever has before. I crave his presence, his touch and to feel his skin against mine. I want to feel how he’s breathing and how his heart racing for me.
He has a gift for making me feel intelligent, but will never hesitate to make silly jokes at my expense either. I don’t want this to be just any relationship, I want us to be best friends, I want us to be inseparable.

Now I think my description is far better than any stereotype and I can say without any hesitation that the position for my Prince Charming has been fulfilled way past my expectations.

Although, the ending to this will be no different to any fairy tale ending …. I hope.

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