Feeling Safe In Love

What I’ve learnt about feeling safe with someone.

Feeling safe doesn’t mean that they are there to physically protect you.
It means your heart is safe with them you feel so cared about and looked after that you’re trusting them to keep your heart safe. To keep it unbroken.

Not so long ago I never thought I could fall in love with someone until they made me feel safe, but my opinion has changed.
Safety is such a loose fitting term and could refer to anything, for each individual it may mean something different.

But being safe in love .. That’s a boring idea. If you feel safe maybe you haven’t fully given yourself to someone, your heart can feel safe with them but love is about risk as well, it’s risking how safe you feel, coming out of your comfort zone to make someone else feel loved, it would also mean you’re able to give more of yourself to another person because you are allowing them to take you out of your comfort zone.
Trusting them to be there for you when you no longer feel safe and tucked away from being hurt.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into the arms of another person seems like a daunting prospect to me, but if I ever want to have the kind of love that’s full of exhilarating experiences … well that’s never going to come from my comfort zone is it?

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