When I Say I Miss You

When I say I miss you it isn’t just one of those general I miss you feelings. Like I miss your presence, or just being with you. It definitely isn’t that generalised, when I say I miss you I literally miss everything about you.

I miss your smell and I don’t mean the smell of your cologne, I mean the smell you have when you wake up, that is your smell and how I would love to have my face buried into your neck right now.
I miss your laugh, your charmingly cheeky laugh that makes me smile so much, the sound of of it is always there at the back of my mind if I need something to make me smile, if I could I would make you laugh every minute of every day.
When I say I miss you, I’m talking about the way you hold my hand, like it’s a way of maintaining contact, a way of speaking without words you hold my hand as if it’s a way of telling me you want me.
I miss the way you look at me, when I’m not doing much but you’re looking at me as if I’m the most amazing most beautiful thing in the whole world, I miss the butterfly’s you give me when you stare at me. I hope you look at me like that every day for the rest of my life because you can, because I’m yours.
When I say I miss you, it’s never just a general passing comment, I genuinely miss you with all my heart, I miss everything that has made me fall in love with you and I miss everything that makes you who you are.

I love the way I miss you.

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