How Valid Is The Friend Code Still?


The friend code – somewhat of an unwritten journal. Everyone knows the rules of the friend code, but they’re not actually written down anywhere. But when one of the friend code rules is broken by someone within a friendship group it’s almost as bad as murder. Not that I’m saying murder is an unwritten concept! It is very much illegal and definitely written down!
But in today’s society is the friend code still as valid? Does everyone follow the same rules? Because I’ve known quite a few ‘friends’ to screw each other over for the sake of something stupid.
So now I need work out if I could be breaking some unwritten rules if I pursue with what I want to do right now, at what point do I turn into an awful human being for going along with something I want to do.
One of my best friends has been friend zoned massively by some guy, but she likes him. Has liked him for a number of months in fact, but he’s always had a girlfriend since we have both known him until recently.
Now I haven’t been friend zoned by him and I’m attracted to him and we have a laugh, but I don’t want to feel like the biggest traitor in the world for seeing where these feelings could go!
There is no way in a million years I would want to hurt my friend and I don’t even know for 100% if he’s even interested in me!
If I knew for sure he was and I thought it could be going somewhere I would talk to her, but I feel like right now it’s too soon.
This is where the friend code fucks me over a bit, I love my friends to pieces and if one of them liked a guy I thought I had feelings for but he had friend zoned me I would tell them to go for it, but maybe this is just me!
I say we need to have the friend code written down and put as a law so there is no confusion and no one gets fucked over!

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