Risky Texts

Have you ever had one of those heart stopping moments after you send a text that has been sitting on the screen of your phone for the last three hours to that one person you want to talk to so much but you know you really shouldn’t?
Yeah I’ve had quite a few of those moments myself!
Waiting for a reply in those minutes that feel like hours (if it actually happens) in that time you vow never to text that person ever again after the fear you’re currently feeling, maybe we have it all wrong though? Maybe those hours it takes for that person to reply are because they are so in shock of you texting them first they have had to go out and show everyone they know .. Or even better than this, they may have passed out in shock!
One life lesson I’ve learnt from risky texts is that they never seem so bad to send after a few drinks, so if you are thinking of sending an ‘I’ve been thinking about you’ text to someone risky why not have a few drinks fist to ease the pain of rejection from when they don’t reply? Although I would recommend never sending that kind of text in the first place! In the time you spend waiting for a reply you normally begin to hate yourself so much it really doesn’t seem as if it was worth being risky in the first place!

And let’s be honest girls …. if he wanted to talk to you, he would have messaged you by now, so I’d just save your breath, he’s not worth giving yourself unnecessary anxiety over!

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